Sunday, 22 January 2012


When I study in secondary school, I started listen to english songs and i love it!. And some of my friends say...

Friend : Buat apa hang nak memartabatkan bahasa english tu sangat?
Me      : Aku bukan la macam tu, kekadang aku improve english aku dari situ la(lagu).
Friend : Bahsa melayu tu penting, ni tak, nak .... bla,bla,bla..."bangga diri konon". 
Me     : ....... hum.

But one day,

Friend : Wei, camna nak cakap benda ni ke bahasa...
Me     : Bahsa english?!
Friend : A'ah. Tolong jap, aku tak reti...
Me     : Guna dictionary la!!!

Did you know that the demand of english class is on the rise? Chinese, Korea and Japan usually use their language to communicate to each other. And now they know that english is important to maintain progress ni their country.

How could you gonna study out to oversea if your english are kinda ok... not excellent. Think about it. The majority of textbooks used by university students in their studies all are in English .

And we should know that english are important to us.

I know that our language are important.  But, English is also important for our future.

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