Thursday, 31 May 2012


I know you are enjoying you life as you are still young and free.
And did you care about what is gonna happen to your life when you are growing up? 

Tadi teman mak pegi tesco. And suddenly met this auntie, kawan mak. Biasa la kan perempaun, kalau dah jumpa buat apa lagi sembang la punya lama. Bukan sembang kosong je, tapi ni pasal education. 

And lastly dapat advice dari auntie tu, "belajar la elok-elok, awak ni masih muda lagi, masa depan tu penting. Sebab tu la kena belajar bersungguh-sungguh. Tolak cinta tu ketepi, pelajaran tu penting. Jangan duk angau je dengan cinta. Orang yang berpelajaran ni, semua orang pandang rendah. Nanti orang yang cari kita. Senang hidup macam tu." 

Ohhh man, tolak cinta ketepi. Macam tau-tau je. But what if, belajar sambil bercinta tak boleh ke? Tak ganggu pun kan? Memang la kekadang orang kata kalau dah bercinta ni gaduh sekit je dah boleh ganggu hidup ni, semua serba tak kena. 
And I'm not a type of girl like that, I am stronger. Takkan la gaduh sekit nak jadi lemah. Allah is always by your side. Remember that :)

So the lesson is, Nak hidup senang kan? Pegi la belajar :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Short note.

I'm sick of people being shallow, and picking on other people for the things they can't change about themselves.

"She's too tall."
It's not like she can control her height.

"He has a big nose."
What is he supposed to do about it? Get plastic surgery?

"She has a weird looking face."
Is that really her fault"

"He has crooked teeth."
Not everyone can afford braces.

"Her hair is too frizzy."
She didn't choose her hair, and not everyone has the time to flat iron their hair every morning.

"Holy sh**, she's too fat"
Does it make a problem in your life?

You know what? People can't choose their own family and how much money they grow up with, their facial structure, their body type or many other things. Don't fucking pick on them for that. if you're going to dislike someone, dislike their personality and actions, not how they look or where they come from

Well maybe you had been in this conversation with your friends. But think again, does it change anything in their life if you say like that? They could had a heart feeling or shame.

Think twice before defame on others

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Assalamualaikum, peace yaww :D

Childhood? well hurm...

As you all know, everyone must go through with childhood moment.. And there were a lot of sweet memories.

I still remember my childhood moment, when i was a little girl, aww the sweet one. You know what, begin a kid was an awesome because everyone treat you as well as you want and nobody gonna hurt your feeling. What you want, you will get it.

How much i miss all those moment, i was that kid love to wear dress, and imagine that i would be a princess!. Haha ♥ I  love doin' adventure things.

when i was a  kid;
I always attract with all new stuff around me that kinda look cool.
Cry out loud are the best things to solve problem. You had everyone in your life, and nobody gonna hate you when you were a kid. Everyone accept you and love you :)

Ohmaigosh, if i could turn time back to pass, it would be great.

Childhood was the best moment i never had... and now i grow up.
All those memories still keep in my head until now...

p/s sorry for bad english.