Saturday, 12 May 2012


Assalamualaikum, peace yaww :D

Childhood? well hurm...

As you all know, everyone must go through with childhood moment.. And there were a lot of sweet memories.

I still remember my childhood moment, when i was a little girl, aww the sweet one. You know what, begin a kid was an awesome because everyone treat you as well as you want and nobody gonna hurt your feeling. What you want, you will get it.

How much i miss all those moment, i was that kid love to wear dress, and imagine that i would be a princess!. Haha ♥ I  love doin' adventure things.

when i was a  kid;
I always attract with all new stuff around me that kinda look cool.
Cry out loud are the best things to solve problem. You had everyone in your life, and nobody gonna hate you when you were a kid. Everyone accept you and love you :)

Ohmaigosh, if i could turn time back to pass, it would be great.

Childhood was the best moment i never had... and now i grow up.
All those memories still keep in my head until now...

p/s sorry for bad english.

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