Saturday, 31 December 2011

Me, Myself and Time

Here we're the last of 2011, and i'm gonna miss it.
Many challenges for me at this year.
And had the worst ending for 31 December.

I had learned to live independently, and there are many new things around me. Guest what, I'm gonna be myself. No one can CHANGE ME, NO ONE! It's up to me if i'm gonna be jerk for you. Because this is myself.

Feuww. What a great year for me. 365 days i had through . And i'm still alive, so gonna continue my day until i'm dead (dunno when).

This year are meaningful for me, i meet my partner, He such an amazing for me. So we were about 9 month,2 week and 1 day. So until here we just can be... humm it's just like a dream. If I could had more time, maybe this would not happen.

I wanna be a kind girl, like usually i do. Respect each others, and know which are positive and negative. I'm wanna be an ordinary girl, always feel freedom. Be 'blur'at school. And had a high view for my academic(SPM) waiting for you :)

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